PGH is essentially a people’s movement. It is with the support of volunteers, educational institutions, business houses, NGOs, Government and many other inspired individuals that within a short span of time we have managed to plant 14 million saplings.

We still need to plant a 100 million more trees to accomplish what we started.

We appeal to every one of you to be a part of Project GreenHands. You could

  • Grow saplings at your home
  • Volunteer at a PGH nursery and support sapling production
  • Support us in sapling distribution
  • Plant trees
  • Conduct awareness camps
  • Fund a specific project
  • Become a fundraiser for the project
  • Donate and support us to plant trees

“All this work involves an enormous amount of money and people with big hearts coming forth and working” - Sadhguru

take the pledge to plant trees
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