SONY India Private Limited

SONY India Private Limited has partnered with Project GreenHands for supporting two programs:

Trees for Life - To increase green cover, restore self-sufficiency, recreate sustainability, 10,000 trees will be sponsored by Sony to support the agro forestry model. Under this, farmers are educated on sustainable land use system that maintains and increases total yields by combining food crops with tree crops on the same unit of land. Farmers are also encouraged to plant trees in the periphery of the farmland.

Zero Budget Natural Farming – For the first time in Tamil Nadu, for educating farmers in the concept of Zero Budget Natural Farming, Project GreenHands organized an 8 day intensive workshop by expert Shri.Subhash Palekar in December 2015 where more than 1,000 farmers from all over Tamil Nadu and other states of India participated in the program.

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