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After National Geographic Green publisher, Jarvis Smith, and his band “The Phoenix Rose” were invited to play at a Project GreenHands fundraiser last year , a beautiful relationship was formed. Jarvis was so captivated by the work of the charityPGH, that he travelled visited out to India to see experience it first hand. He was inspired by PGH’s capacity for mass mobilisation and social change. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of planting more trees he felt that PGH had the potential to effect positive change on factors like education, health, spiritual practice and unity in the community. He made PGH the environmental partner and chosen charity of his media company King Lion Media in 2009.

King Lion Media is a young, environmentally-conscious publishing company on a mission to minimise its carbon footprint, that is poised to help shape the future of green publishing in the UK through its figurehead publication National Geographic Green magazine(NGG.King Lion Media, including NGG, are helping to raise funds and publicity through regular campaigns featured in every issue and has committed to use its significant outreach and well-respected reputation, under the National Geographic banner, to help Project GreenHands continue its work.

National Media

The Hindu was our media partner for Coimbatore Green School Movement in 2011.

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